CrossFit Women

I just found this video of awesome Crossfitters…ALL WOMEN! Play the 1st video on my list to the right.  If this doesn’t inspire you to get up and move your a**…. then I’m coming to your house and checking your pulse!

Tanya Wagner CrossFit Games 2009


2 thoughts on “CrossFit Women

  1. Hello….I couldn’t see the “listing of videos” that you referred to being to the right ?? Need some inspiration for some CF energy. Doing it for about a year but had a few bad injuries from work scenario (law enforcement) and have had to take it easy for while.
    Need some “kick butt” inspiration…..congrats on all your incredible accomplishments !

  2. kathleen,

    sorry you couldn’t find them. they are on the right of my blog entries on the 1st page. Go to the main page here and scroll down just a bit. I’ll email you the link. I watch this one video a lot when I need a kick in the a**. I was married to a State Trooper for 13 year so I understand how dangerous any and all situations can be. This is the PERFECT TIME to get back into it! The CrossFit Games are in July and all the sectional competitions have opened registration so the CrossFit world is buzzzing. Stay tuned here and I’ll try my hardest to keep us ALL motivated!!!!!

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