Life’s Hurdles

The last few weeks of training has been more mentally challenging than ever before.  The worst part is that when your mental game is all jacked up it inadvertently jacks up your physical game.  December 1st will be my 1 year mark of the start of my CrossFit journey, my very first CF WOD and the two trainers that didn’t see anything but “YES YOU CAN” in me.  I look back and can’t believe all that I have experienced in the last year.  I have had to make myself dig and look back after a small drop in desire. ?WHAT?  Yes, I lost my mojo. My passion for CrossFit still exist, but Life just isn’t equal in what you want to do and what you need to do. 

I have been so focused on pushing forward with training others and trying to be the best I could be on the other side of the barbell that I forgot to train myself. So I head into our “competition” week of “King of the Hill” with a sour taste…. I feel like I push myself, but I know I walk away with a little extra left.  THAT is NOT ME!!!  So I hear from a friend “you have a problem- bring a solution”.  At night I sit and watch my little girl sleep and say “Shannon- you need a solution- teach your daughter how to pull yourself up outta the hole and CONQUER LIFE!”  So I started with making myself a priority again.  Hardest thing is to believe you are not being selfish by doing this. 

The list is started… a problem is stated and a solution is a MUST before I move on to the next problem.  I may not be able to fix it overnight, but a plan is a solution.  If you aren’t ready to think about a solution and a plan then you aren’t ready to accept the work needed. 

BIG GOAL: Training for the 2010 CrossFit Games… OH MY GOSH…..

Monday- nutrition better, Paleo is the goal – STRICT is ideal, but today has already fallen off due to not eating ….. uhg. Coaching/being Mommy/Life outside of the gym….  Training: 8pm and I missed doing the WOD today – gotta manage the day better. But got in my Heavy lift in 2-2-2-2-2 Push Jerk.  Feeling good about this, PR’d a Clean & jerk of my body weight.. HECK yeah. That felt good. (side note- add clean technique to the problem list)

Tuesday- about the same on nutrition. Eating Paleo, but not enough.  Excited that my “diet coke a day” is gone and it doesn’t even taste good anymore. YEAH. Again Coached and in the gym, but missed the WOD. Got in my heavy 2-2-2 Back Squat. Felt strong today – gained 20# back on my 1RM, so ok— I’m starting to get my mojo back a little.

Wednesday – Nutrition dialed in, met w/one of my Trainers and made a new plan on my nutrition w/my specific training goals.  Also had to realize that I need to stop worrying about others and make it about me….again feels selfish/hard pill to swallow.  Awesome day Coaching a new boot camp- got my WOD in YEAHHHHHHHH! missed the heavy work today- uhg.  **Problem: nutrition **Status: ate quality food, just not enough. **Problem: WOD training **Status: it’s a give & take.  I’m not a single gal w/no kids, I have a full time job as a Mom & a Nurse ….IT’S OK THAT I CAN”T DO IT ALL!

Thursday- Here’s the skinny. My am routine was as usual. Gathered w/the ladies of CrossFit Texas for lunch, had a steak and a double portion of broccoli. Water w/lime. Protein – gooood Carbs— goooood. …..Then my daughter got sick and the evening meals went down hill.  No training at all today. Home with a sick baby.

Friday- Yummy Paleo breakfast… then had to run to the ER w/my sick little girl.  Just got home and tucked her into bed.  Today I was right were I needed to be!!!! Sometimes life is not about the black and white plan you set up for yourself. 

So, as I sit and think about “how big is my hurdle”, I realize that it’s different day-to-day.  I also have to realize that I’m pretty darn lucky.  I’m healthy, my daughter is healthy and I AM …on the road to happiness.

I hope that we can all find that place after we get smacked in the face by life’s hurdles and realize that it didn’t hurt as bad as we thought.


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