My 1st Year of CrossFit!


October 2008…… 2 months before my CrossFit journey began…… June 2009 Cabo San Lucas


Tonight I was about to sit down and update my blog on some recent WODs and training.  Then I realized…  a year ago, Dec 1, 2008 I walked thru the doors of the CFTX box and officially had my 1st CrossFit WOD.  A year ago I fell in love … with CrossFit.  WOW, I don’t even know where to begin on my experiences over the last year, what CF has done for me and where I am a year later.  I have a feeling this is going to be a long one!  How about I start with WODs… keep it simple.

Wed. Dec 2, 2009

What a GREAT day today was!  A recent decision to lay low allowed a relaxing morning with my little girl, plenty of time for a Paleo breakfast, stories and all kinds of princess dress-up.  All bundled up and off to the local discount bookstore for a Christmas book for Mekenzie.  Then off to the gym.  I missed my last 2 days of WOD’s so I had to try and pull off  2 in one day.  It’s always fun to have the box to myself and let Mekenzie just run wild while I get a great workout in. 

So on the docket today was AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) in 20 min: 7 Hang Squat Cleans 65#, 7 burpees, 7 Chest to bar pullups.  I was actually looking forward to this one.  I have been making myself do chest to bar as much as possible to make it the norm, so I was excited to see how I’d hang. 

Time was crunching and Mekenzie’s nap time was hot on my heels so it was game time.  The cleans felt great at just 65#, focusing on technique with the lighter weight.  Burpees— well they are burpees, not much to say except YEAH BURPEES! C2b pullups…. I just feel strong when I hit that bar… “HELL YA” was what ran thru my head each time.  That high didn’t get old.

Mommy duty- Home, nap, pack for the afternoon and off we go again.  Off to Coach Boot Camp with the awesome ladies of Windermere Primary School in Pflugerville. 

I am having a blast with this group of ladies! Twice a week they show up and get it done!  Today was all about cleans.  With the wind blasting outside in 47* weather, I was glad to see that we were allowed inside and could stay warm.  Lots of shrugs and drops happening today…. along with LOTS of laughs.  That is one of the best parts of this bootcamp…. we laugh & have a good time.  Yes, the emails come in on how sore they are, but they finish up with “loving it…see ya Wednesday”. 

The evening was wrapping up and I still had to get the benchmark WOD in! BARBARA…. she was calling my name.  I have been thinking about her all day.  I could remember the last 2 times I tackled this WOD and I was determined to nail her to the wall again.  I headed into my warmup as planned… all pullups Chest to bar.  NO EXCUSES! All body weight elements… all possible.  I had put my body thru many WODs that I didn’t know how I’d finish but today all I could think about was BLOW THIS OUT OF THE WATER!

BARBARA: 5 rounds 20 pullups, 30 chest to floor pushups, 40 situps, 50 air squats. ALL FULL ROM or a NO COUNT!

rnd 1: hell ya.. pullups were sailing,  then I hit the floor – pushups felt like I could push all day—  I was liking how it was going so far.  “GAME IT” I said, I knew that if I failed or slowed down that I could pick up pace in my squats. 

rnd 2: things are still on pace… lost my grip a little on the bar but easy fix.

rnd 3: situps starting to slow down… then Mekenzie thought I might need some tape so as I try to keep them unbroken, she was such the cute little helper holding my arm down applying the athletic tape.  Crocked situps do wonders for adding a strawberry to the  rear end!

rnd 4: switch grip, kipped  push-ups at end, situps still trucking, squats=comfort zone

rnd 5: 10 pullups in and Mekenzie is looking up at me “Mommy I need to teetee”  Well, SHE is my priority NOT keeping my spot on the  board or getting a new PR.  Yes both would be great, but my little girl needs her Mommy. So I drop down from the bar – swoop her up and we race to the bathroom as the class keeps going gaining on my time.  I think MK and I set a personal record for the fastest potty break…. lol.  I swoop her back to the whiteboard so she can continue to color. I leap up on the bar and did the fastest last 10 pull-ups I’d done all night.  I was determined to make up that time.  I knew I could push one more round out.  Everything was flying… and finally my last 50 squats… unbroken until 40… UHHHHGGGG. … 10 more… TIME.   SO with the helpful tape application, and the potty break I DID IT! I PR’d by 3 mins!!! *clarification… C2B for all warmup- not all of them in the WOD were C2B 🙂

My YEAR IN REVIEW.  I look back  over the last year and where I was emotionally & physically and I’m most proud of the place I am now.  I was determined to show my little girl that her Mommy was NOT going to let her down.  What I had come to realize was that the end of my 13 year marriage was not going to define me.  When my friend Mark introduced CrossFit to me way back in 2005 I was only familiar with the .com workouts but I was still wrapped up in the ‘globo-gym’ world. So after I had my daughter and had decided to leave teaching for the globo-gym world, I sought out CrossFit in December 2008 and had a whirlwind year.  I fell in love with the physicality of it, the nuts and bolts of what it was doing for people emotionally and physical transformation it gave me after having my daughter.  The community of CrossFit has embraced me and all the roles I play in a day…. Single Mom, Nurse, Coach, teacher to my lil girl, athlete, friend, follower at times, leader at times…. opinionated -yeah probably too much. 

When I started CrossFit last year I just looked at it as an outlet, a way to get back in shape.  It provided me with more than I could have imagined.  Confidence in myself again, an extended family that had similar goals and challenges & a support system to help reach those goals.  Then all of a sudden I was headed to get my Level 1 to train others in this awesome sport!  Regional’s – a competition amongst other CrossFitter’s as a stepping stone to the CrossFit Games in California.  This was AMAZING, it showed me how far I had come and how far I still had to go… or could go! I had some gut checks that weekend but I had an awesome group of friends that helped me keep smiling.   Then it was off to California….THE GAMES! WOW is all I can say! That was a CROSSFIT dream.  Seeing the elite athletes and being able to step onto that stadium floor at the Ranch and gut it out…. words can not describe what  it was like to be part of the FIRST CROSSFIT TEXAS Affiliate Team!

So a year later….where am I? A coach, an athlete, a single Mom, a teacher, a friend. Roles don’t seem to change but the level of knowledge in each do.  I hope that I am a better Coach, a better athlete, a better Mom , a better friend.  I strive to constantly improve in all roles. So I’ll just keep riding the CrossFit wave and let it be a part of my life as long as it stays kind to me. I hope I can share the love and passion with others.

*thank you for all your encouragement! twib.


4 thoughts on “My 1st Year of CrossFit!

  1. Shannon, what can I say, other than I am so proud of you and all that you’ve accomplished! It’s been amazing to get to know you over the past year! I remember one of the first days you were came to the gym (maybe even the first day? not sure.) and it a team WOD with rowing and Pete put you on the opposite team and during our row, I kept trying to look at your meters/pace! I was like “I am NOT going to let this new girl beat me!” Well it turns out you and your team did beat me, but after getting to know you I decided that I didn’t mind you being the “rabbit”! I would like to say thank you for constantly challenging me in so many ways: strength, nutrition, mental toughness, and so many others that I can’t think of right now. I’m sooooo glad that we were part of that first CFTX team together! I can’t imagine going through all those things with anyone else! Thank you for always being so encouraging and understanding, when I need to vent or whatever, you always seem to understand and I love you for it!
    And you’re such a great mommy to little McKenzie! She’s so lucky to have such a strong, dedicated mom! I can only hope that I can be as strong for Emma!
    I know that there have been many ups and downs this past year, but as long as you continue to perservere you will once again come out stronger and better and happier than ever!
    I heart you chica and I hope your second year of CF is equally as memorable as your first!!


    • Thanks Kerri! I still remember that day!!!! It was my 1st week and I remember that I was looking at YOUR pace! LOL. I was chasing you!!!! You have been an inspiration on your commitment! I couldn’t have asked to spend my 1st year of CF w/better peeps!! l HEART you!!!!

  2. TWIB,huh? Hilarious. And very Paleo if you think about it. You are quite admirable. Mk is indeed a lucky little girl. 3-2-1- go.

    • I think I’ll skip that Paleo meal!…haha. But I do think a lifetime supply of it would be helpful for you. 😉 Thanks for the encouragement, now I just need to see that garage gym all set up!

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