This was a Mission Message that came over my work email and I thought it was worth sharing.


‘What is it about the unknown, the untried or unproven that can sometimes cause a knot in your stomach and your breath to quicken.  Look at the unknown as yet another new adventure and an opportunity to re-invent yourself again!  Inhale deeply…..exhale…and go forward into new territory!!!!!’

Having to recently force myself to leave a not so healthy “comfort zone” I have been looking for that “bounce back” element of each and every day. Some days it’s a little need, some days the requirement is monumental. Is it the feeling of falling off the nutrition plan… dang that Blue Bell peppermint ice cream. That feeling is just one that irritates me and gets me back on track from feeling so blah.  The feeling of an emotional let down…. well those are monumental some days. 

The banter I must replay in my head is CONTROL THE CONTROLLABLE.  I really am uncomfortable with the unknown.  I thought I had it all figured out…. I thought I knew people after many years.  All these things changed and I had no idea how to handle it.  Reading the above Mission Message sent chills down my spine – in a good way.  It reminded me that I AM IN CONTROL OF ME!!!!! Re-invent yourself— OK, use the adventure and the opportunity! Well, WHY NOT?!?!?! 

So today is my re-invention day.  I say I strive to be a “better me” today the action plan is set.  No it’s not a black and white detailed plan, it’s one step at a time.  Just as the message says…. INHALE DEEPLY…… EXHALE. 



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