Add weight and DO IT AGAIN!

Getting back into the swing of things at the CrossFit Texas box and I LOVE IT!  I took almost a week off and at first it was hard to train my brain to rest for so long.  After training  3 days on -1 day off -2 days on-1 day off for the last couple of months  it was a good rest.  Like Mary always says “Respect the Rest”.  My bum shoulder from Max OHS and working on my butterfly pullups was happy to have a week off.  So hear it is….2010… getting REAL, getting SERIOUS and staying accountable!  Keeping my training log up to date and my nutrition in check is what’s going to keep me accountable.  The plan to compete in the CF sectional in March right here in Austin is in full swing.  So here’s how the 1st week of January 2010 started out.

WOD: Max Clean & Jerk (including a 2-2-2-2 ladder and technique work to my 1RM). 

I knew what I had to do! I am determined to raise the bar for myself and GET COMFORTABLE with the UNCOMFORTABLE!

Heavy cleans = uncomfortable!

My great Coaches Brannon and Rob stood by with the inside “get under the skin” words of wisdom to help me gut it out.  “HEAD DOWN” …..”GET AGGRESSIVE”….. “do i NEED to tell you to PULL THE S*** out of THAT or are you gonna do it right?”  Working through each round of 2 reps felt really good today.  Before I knew it I was at 115—- 125–and it felt good.  Technique ….just go back to technique. 135 – LIFT-GOOD!  Then I got a little hot-headed and threw on 10# more… 145 failed… drop 140 failed.  Okay today it’s 135.

PR’d: 135# Clean & Jerk. 1RM



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