Been there-DONE THAT…. Got the T-shirt!

What are your goals, dreams, ambitions, resolutions for 2010? 

 I decided to not make resolutions this year and make EVERY DAY a day to work towards my dreams, goals and my journey to greatest happiness.  When I thought about all the things I wanted to carry out it seemed so overwhelming so I decided to break it down into a day-to-day challenge. I also decided to not feel beaten if my 24hr window of opportunity crumbled… I mean HEY it’s just one day and I can kill it in the next 24 hr.  Again, as long as I don’t allow myself to justify and rationalize my not so productive behaviors, a little stumble is just a stumble. 

So I am in trainng for the CrossFit Games Central/Southern Texas Sectionals in March.  Trying to find all the ways to train my weaknesses and to improve on things that come a little easier to me.  Oh there is SO much work to do but I LOVE IT!  A fellow crossitter, Kate had a “dreamboard” on her blog and has literally thrown herself out there for all to see.  Encouraged by her motivation and determination. So I have pieced together my 2010 DREAM BOARD and will be throwing myself out there to the wolves.  All my WODs/training, nutrition, and before and after pictures (uuhhggg…not looking forward to this!), PR’s , WOD times…. all the things I need to dial in posted right here.  So as my friends, family, fellow CrossFitters and any one else who needs to add their 2 cents (well ALMOST anyone..haha)  read and follow my steps/progress it’s okay to give me a kick in the a** if I need it!

Tue Jan 5 WOD. *** I should have worn my pink CFTX shirt for this one!!!

3 sets : 12 SDLHP 80#, row 90 sec @ 90% effort

2 min rest

3 sets : 12 DB Thrusters 25#, max Double Unders in 60 sec

2 min rest

3 sets: 20 box jumps (22″), 25 situps

*WOD from OPT.


One thought on “Been there-DONE THAT…. Got the T-shirt!

  1. Hey girlie! First of all, thanks so much for keeping me going last night! It was a tough one as you saw! Did you get to do that WOD?

    And second of all, great job on putting yourself out there! Last weekend I took “before” pics. I have yet to post them, but if you’re brave enough to do it, then I will join you and Kate and take the humbling, if not humiliating, plunge!
    Your day to day approach is an awesome way to not get overwhelmed and I’m glad that I have such an amazing friend who challenges me everyday!

    PS, I’m totally going to try that WOD one of these days!

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