Mmmmm Pancakes!!….. PALEO Pancakes!

Sunday morning and pancakes are cooking!! Honestly I don’t miss the usual heavy flour pancakes that had been the staple pancake all my life! I have tried two different Paleo pancakes and both are sweeter and tastier than the ones I had to add Maple syrup to.

Almond-banana pancakes  Super tasty! Super slow to cook! I learned the hard way on these and burned the first batch.  Thin batter so cook on the lowest setting.  I cook these to a little crisp and they are great to just pop in your mouth and eat.  My next batch I’m going to try to freeze them … I always need something quick with my 3 yr old.

Apple Cinnamon Pancakes The above picture is what was on the menu this morning! TASTY Paleo pancakes! These are not as sweet as the banana pancakes, but just as good.  I made them for Mekenzie and even a 3 yr old will scarf them up… she did have the syrup option 🙂  These had more of a pancake type batter and a little easier to cook.  So check out the links and grab these recipes along with a ton more for your own Paleo menu.

I stole a great little recipe from Kerri to add to the top of my omelet.

1 avocado, 1/4 cup diced cucumber, 1 Roma tomato, garlic and chipotle chili powder and spread over the omelet. Talk about a refreshing breakfast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Now I’m off to make a Valentines box with Mekenzie and plans for a quick run and trip to the park later today.  Enjoy your day! Live it with an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE!


2 thoughts on “Mmmmm Pancakes!!….. PALEO Pancakes!

  1. So I totally made those almond banana pancakes for my cert this weekend! I was so excited that I’d found the recipe and you beat me to the blog! I can’t wait to try the other ones! Thank you for putting up food stuff! And I’m so glad that Emma likes them too! Yay for kid-friendly healthy food!

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