So Long Status Quo…

what would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail? by dreamsrey.

I have recently started blogging about my CrossFit experiences, my everyday experiences as a single Mom, and everything else in between.  I have done CrossFit just over a year and it has been really good to me.  But, the old saying “ONE BAD APPLE SPOILS THE WHOLE BUNCH” sure has pulled at my shirt tails lately.  I have taken myself to a VULNERABLE  place, the public eye.  My friends and family are great followers of my little world and all the adventures in it, but the Nay-Sayers voice seems to be LOUD and clear.   I’m not sure if it’s because they are mean, curious, or have nothing else better to do.  I was excited the 1st time I received a comment on one of my earlier post and was eager to chat with the fellow Crossfitter.  “AMY” had made comments about WODs and exercises so I knew she at least knew the lingo of CF.  Well, I was unsuccessful to reach her through the email address she used… “NOT VALID”.  Well, the next time she posted it was a different email. Surely this one will work, I knew it was the same person based on the IP address that is logged on my blog. IP ADDRESS TRACKING is GREAT!  Again, bogus email address.  Huh, I couldn’t figure out why someone would take the time to comment but use a bogus email address twice.  Well I just let it go. 

Then the reality of my little world kicked in.  Across the freeway here in Austin is someone who just can’t seem to understand I DON”T CARE about how they try to get under my skin!  Rose colored glasses scratch, break and eventually are not able to “pretty up” what you have to look at and deal with. Just an annoying day dealing with irrational people. (*I do have a point with all this) 

Well, back to this place of vulnerability. IT’S HUGE! I take pride in myself, my family, my work and the way I treat people.  “Treat those the way you would like to be treated”…. do I really need to say where that quote comes from?  So, “Amy” appears again. This time she is a little nasty  When I read her latest comment I was offended and not sure what exactly to do with it.  I have chewed on this for a while and decided to lay it out there! She asked why I wasn’t “putting it all out there”, well let’s see where that takes us. Here is her comment and a little bit of information that I found interesting to follow.


How can you claim to be putting it all out there and holding yourself accountable if you are only posting the results of the workouts you feel you did well on? What was your rowing Grace time? Posting the results, even the shitty ones (IF they are shitty), will keep you pushing harder. Nobody wants to post a sub 7 Fran, but its all part of the process…Surrender to it.

Plus, there are others aiming to qualify at sectionals that like to know what our competition is up to

What I found interesting was the IP address that was connected to the comment.  I am a professional and will not show exactly where it linked back to. I have contacted the owner of the CF Box/facility that it is linked to and hope it is handled for once.  This person has turned her personal pain and ignorance into a waste of my time. 

I have thought more and more about what is truly important in life.  Things weigh differently, my daughter and her health and happiness out weigh it all.  Life is not a smooth ride and we have to learn how to steer through it without crashing…. too much.  When I realized that I let this “naysayer” upset me I asked myself  ?why?.  Why do I feel like I need to put myself out there for anyone other than myself? Why does she feel like she is the judge on whether I’m “putting myself out there”.  Is her life measured side by side to mine? NO!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE Crossfit and I have thrown myself into it in more ways than one over the last year.  I also have let it chip away at my core in more ways than I’m ok with.  So ultimately I decided IT’S JUST CROSSFIT…. IT’S NOT EVERYTHING. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you may say…. but if someone thinks they are the judge to my level of vulnerability they have another thing coming! 

“Amy”, when I decided to “put myself out there”, IT WASN’T FOR YOU! It is for me! YEAP ME! Who cares what my Fran time  is, who cares if I don’t post every single WOD I do.  You say you are curious about other competitors going to Sectionals… WHERE IS YOUR BLOG about your training?  So I do not write this blog for you, just this post… no more!  I hope you can find other things in your life that give you joy rather than using fake emails from your work place to try to bring me down. 

I am living with my doors wide open and it has been amazing what has stepped through! Sometimes life isn’t fair, the white picket fence gets knocked down, people disappoint you, people change…. forget about what “should of been” and worry about what it is!  I was told some great advice and I repeat it on a daily basis… “Live with an attitude of gratitude”.  How can you go wrong when you live like that!   My road is still full of bumps, but I am learning how to avoid the potholes. 

The video below just gave me a reminder of what’s REALLY important! I hope it will redirect you on your off days too.



9 thoughts on “So Long Status Quo…

  1. Hmm. “Amy”, huh? A name derived from the French word for friend. Ironic nom de guerre. Not sure what Amy’s problem is. I’m certain that it doesn’t matter. Your public cataloging of your thoughts and actions is a testimony to your self confidence and your generosity. I have found no arrogance, self promotion or artifice. Just honesty. A gift,really, as it demonstrates how comfortable you are in your own skin. Something we should all aspire to. So, thanks. And I can kip.

  2. From my friend Judy G. via Facebook.
    Dang! “amy” needs to grow up – why can’t women be happy for other women when they succeed? Keep doing what you need to do, Shannon! – you rock!
    Yesterday at 7:40am ·

    Thanks Judy! Can’t wait to see you on the 6th.

  3. Well Jodi,

    I see that your email must say alot about you. I am not sure why you feel the need to link your daughters baby blog to my crossfit blog since you and I have ZERO in common. Thanks for visiting my site. Hope it gives you something to strive for in your life other than trying to hurt me. God Bless you and I hope you can find peace in your life.

    • Yes it does. I ride a Dyan Low Rider which I’m sure you no nothing about but I’m sure you know why I put that link on your blog. I’m pleased that we have nothing in common. Your blog doesn’t inspire me at all. Try walking your talk. I have peace in my life. I hope you can find it SOON!!!

      • Know about low riders… nope sorry. Missed that day in my College education.

        Not sure why you think a link to my ex-husbands wife’s blog is something I would like to see. YOU KNOW NOTHING about me except what your 25 year old daughter tells you. THE SAME DAUGHTER THAT was sleeping with my husband before we were divorced and the same daughter that put pictures of my 16mo old daughter on the internet without permission.

        Seems like you did a great job raising each other. Again, enjoy searching the blog. If you have peace, then why stir up stuff by posting or even visiting it.

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