The obligation to demonstrate and take responsibility for performance in light of agreed expectations. There is a difference between responsibility and accountability: responsibility is the obligation to act; accountability is the obligation to answer for an action.

For the past few weeks Kerri and I have talked about what it takes to make ourselves accountable in our training for the CrossFit Games Central Southern Texas Sectional competition March 13th.

  CrossFit Games Widget Central Southern Texas Sectionals – March 13th 2010 – Camp Mabry. Click HERE to come watch and support the athletes right here in Austin on March 13th!

We are always talking about our nutrition – the good days and the bad. The gals at CFTX are zoned in on training, lifting heavier, running faster and getting closer and closer to nailing our individual goals! Kerri and I decided we would take before pictures in the start of this new year and continue to press forward hard and fast.  We both laughed at how long it was taking us to get brave enough to actually post them on our blogs.  When she returned from vacation, she told me she had posted them that night…UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH that meant I HAD to! Boooo.

Well I sat on them for a while after sinking a little in my training.  I am still trying to figure out just how to manage it all.  A full-time Single-Mom to Mekenzie my beautiful 3yr old, a full-time RN, and Coaching at CrossFit Texas Mon-Fri.  I love it all and seem to forget about myself sometimes and then I get super beat up by my frustration. 

My last post talked about this blog and all the little nuggets in it are not for anyone else but me.  Does that sound selfish??? I can’t post something and worry that other people are going to knock me for my times, my nutrition mishaps, or that I’m not the fastest or the strongest.  It is what it is and all I can do is WORK HARDER!

I reluctantly sit here in “chick” mode, if that exist… LOL and REALLY don’t want to post these pictures. I know that some will think good and some will think bad of what I have done and where I am.  I am happy of where I am! I CrossFit and damn it don’t complain.  (ok, so I may whine a little).  Here are my before shots taken earlier this month.  We all have struggles, we all hit walls and slumps, but it’s the climb out of those holes that is important.  So everyday I strive to add to my training.  It might be dialing in the nutrition better, getting more than my normal 4-5 hrs of sleep a day, and staying as consistent in my workouts as I can. ACCOUNTABILITY….. It’s takes WORK!!!

In case you are looking for my “accountability pictures” I had to remove them due to my ex husbands new wife inappropriately posting them on her blog as the link to my daughters name.  So I will show you all what is truly important to me. MEKENZIE PAIGE ISBELL.  Thank you Scott for giving me the best part of you!

*click picture for more of my babygirl.

Today’s WOD:

21 -Thrusters (85#) 21- supermans

50 Doubleunders

15 -Thrusters (85#), 15- supermans

50 Doubleunders

9 -Thrusters (85#), 9 -supermans

Running off minimal fuel from working the last 3 nights in the ICU and less than optimal sleep I was counting on my AdvoCare supplements to get me through this WOD.  I loaded with the usual – ThermoPlus, Catalyst, Arginine and of course O2 Gold.  All taken at their respectable times for optimal benefit in this killer of a WOD. 

Lauren and I decided to go heavy with this one. Focus was getting stronger!!!!!  So Brannon loaded us up with 85# each.  The Rx for the WOD was 65# and I know what I feel like after Fran at 65# so the SUCK FACTOR today was gonna be HUGE!  3-2-1-( this is gonna SUCK) GO!

Gaming my wods is what I like to do – Ashley and I decided we’d shoot for at least 15 before dropping in the 21’s – after 2 reps I realized I gripped the bar way to wide! I tried to push a few more out but was loosing power in the press.  DAMN IT dropping the bar was NOT what I wanted to do so early, but I knew I’d be stronger with the correct grip.  So down the bar goes for a quick reset.  All I could think about during the thrusters was “this better not feel heavy Shannon, because you need to lift a heck of a lot more weight at a faster pace !” I finish up the 21 a little slower than I liked, dropped for the supermans and thought I was gonna puke already! Grrrrr. Luckily my double unders are quick so I was just pushing thru as fast as I could. 

2nd set of thrusters…honestly I don’t even remember those. All I could hear was Howard quietly fixing my form one rep at a time. Trying to train my rest periods was crazy hard. All I wanted to do was stand there a little longer and catch my breath.  I made myself grab that bar before I had completely settled so that it becomes the comfort zone!  My eyes scanned the floor to see where the other girls where in the rotation… having such awesome athletes right in front of you is a great motivator to NOT STOP!

set of 9: I knew I wanted to knock these out without dropping the bar. My freaking legs where TOAST but it was only 9 more so GET IT DONE SHANNON!  5 reps – bar down- again I hear Howard quietly say “pick it up” and last 4 done straight for the last set of supermans and TIME: 11:30. Grrrrrr. NOT happy with that! But I worked the heavy so I’ll take it.  Now…. TRIGGER POINT is calling my name.


3 thoughts on “ACCOUNTABILITY….It takes WORK!

  1. So Shannon, first of all, I have so much admiration and respect for all that you do! You’re such an awesome mom to your beautiful MK! I strive to be able to give everything I can to Emma and I know how hard it can be when it feels like you’re running yourself into the ground. Giving 100% all the time is extremely exhausting: You push me to make myself better and I appreciate you taking “the plunge” with me by taking accountabiliity pictures. And even though there is a little piece of me who is embarressed and worried about what people think of me, my pictures, my progress, etc, you are totally right: our blogs (our journeys) are for us, to keep us accountable to ourselves and to those who push us and understand our struggles and what makes us who we are. Thank you for your friendship and your constant encouragement!!
    Love you!

  2. PS. You look awesome! I know that you’re like me . . . much harder on yourself then other people are, but if those are your “before” pics, then high fives and chest bumps are in order!!!

  3. Oh my, now I’m REALLY intimidated. TC is now more bug-eyed than ever. He turned me on to theses photos. Truly remarkable. Are you SURE you had a baby? With that body? YEOW!!

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