Super FLY Ladies!

Thursday was a full day at CrossFit Texas.  The 9am group pushed through a rough WOD with soreness still lingering from the thrusters the day before but nailed it as they always do.  4Rounds of 400m run, 30 wall balls (20#/14#, 10ft/12ft), 30 situps. 

Then I had the pleasure to train a great group of women in their small group Personal Training session. These women show up twice a week eager and ready to hit it hard! Today was all about the overhead squat! In just 2 weeks I have seen them get stronger! Their pushups are hitting full range of motion and their squats lower and lower.  My favorite quote from one of my clients was:

“Wow! My body feels like I was run over by a freight train this morning! I think every muscle in my body is hurting and probably in shock! LOL! Can’t wait though for thurs. See you at 8am.”

This says it all!!! That’s what CrossFit is about.  Show up – work hard – and results will happen!  Keep up the good work guys, you all are doing an awesome job!

One of the greatest things about CrossFit Texas and the wonderful community is that I am able to bring my daughter Mekenzie with me when I coach and workout.  The other day we walked in for my 9am class and she just does her thang’.  She doesn’t even flinch – she walks around like she owns the place. 🙂  Usually I hear “let’s go run!” as she wants to take off after the group in their warm-up runs. I had to laugh when she walked over to the lifting racks and said ” Mommy, I need this bar higher for my pullups”, while she dives her little hands into a bucket full of chalk.  As class is in progress I look over to see Mekenzie has programmed her own WOD for the day.  She jumps up and swings on the safety bar of the lifting rack for her pullup then steps away and drops for a burpee. I realized she was doing it over and over with much intent.  She is always copying things we do in class but I loved that she took it upon herself to get creative.  This is one of the things I think all parents wish for, that their children will feel confident in themselves to explore and try new things.  I wonder some days if I bring her too much – there is that parental self-doubt … AM I DOING THIS ALL WRONG? WHAT IS BEST? HOW DO I KNOW?…. and then you see them look at you with that little sparkle in their eye and big tooth grin and you just know! If Mekenzie grows up with the influence that  fitness and wellness as a “norm” then I think I have tackled one HUGE battle. Now it’s all about keeping it fun. 

So, now it’s Mommy’s turn to get a workout in.  On the whiteboard for me today… “Lynne”. I have never braved this benchmark.  YIKES … bodyweight bench press. Well, lets just say I CAN NOT bench my body weight.  Bouncing around 128-132lbs, my 1Rm bench is only around 100-105lbs.  So I decided to work off a weight that I can do 7-8 times.  Not a timed wod it’s all about how many reps you can knock out without breaking.  5 rounds of BW bench press, and max pullups (without dropping from the bar).  I was able to hit 5-8 reps in each bench rounds, then straight to the pullups.  I was experimenting with pullups today.  I have worked on improving all types of my pullups and today was the day of the butterfly.  Thanks to the guys in the box Brannon, Rob and Howard and their great tips and coaching, I have been able to get closer and closer to my CrossFit goals.  Thank you Mark for all the support and great injections of  happiness.


One thought on “Super FLY Ladies!

  1. Happy birthday MK!!!!! Sounds like you have the best times with your Mommy. Adelante, both of y’all. I shall refill my syringe.

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