We have one body – one life – one chance. INVEST in yourself! 

A fellow Crossfitter brought my attention to this article in the Wall Street Journal of a former US Marine that was injured in Iraq and lost interest in himself upon returning home and dealing with his recovery.  This is his story of how he pulled through his injuries and has fully invested in himself with the use of CrossFit. Click US MARINE: What\’s Your Workout?  to watch a video and read about his journey. YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED!

  Don’t let life pass you by! Don’t let situations define you. 

One of the books I’m reading now talks about one of the greatest sufferings noted to man, but it also helps you see that however great or small the suffering we experience is, it’s defined by the meaning WE give it.  How WE respond and react to it.  Life is full of potential meaning, under any and all conditions, how will YOU define it, how will you react to it. Have you ever felt like you were clueless to how to feel better, do better, overcome a situation that was bringing you down? I have! Then when you least expect it POOF… you are given so many options, you aren’t sure how to put them all together.  I have had so much going on lately that I wasn’t stopping to even figure out how to handle it.  I was given a book and immediately the connection hit and I started to see how I needed to define my situations differently.  Aristotle believes that stormy situations are exactly what helps us as humans grow stronger.  When I start to focus on the suffering or pain of a situation my newest homework for myself is to stop and define that moment… MIGHTY GROWTH! I take aim at the moment and will strive to make it an opportunity to be a MIGHTIER HUMAN BEING! Don’t stunt your growth -make the choice to take advantage of the ‘suffering’  and create an opportunity for change! 


I lay out all this new homework for my mental wellness, now lets’ get to the physical wellness.  They go hand-in-hand in my book.  I know I’m not happy if either are too far off midline.  Figuring out which one is the problem that needs attention 1st is the challenge.  I know how when I’ve missed too many WODs in a week it throws my mental wellness way off.  Then if I’m mentally not checked in I don’t make sure I do what I need to do to workout… vicious cycle.  So how do we stay on track?  GREAT question… you think I have the answer.. NOPE.  I do have a  great network of people who help in different ways.  Somedays I need to get a butt whooping in the CF box and have a Coach yell at me to push harder.  Somedays I just want to look across the table at that special someone and quietly talk about the highs and lows of our day.  A sure fix is my daughter, she slows me down.  She is the oil that keeps my engine running.

A precious moment with my daughter Mekenzie

My INVESTMENT: Know that everyday is not going to be perfect. Define each situation and make it an opportunity for growth! Find the mental and physical balance in my day.  Control what I can control. 

What a little help with your challenges?

The women of CrossFit Texas are gathering this Saturday – Feb. 2oth at 12noon. We will be discussing Goal Setting, Nutrition and all the challenges that go with sticking to it. We will have a Paleo/Zone recipe swap & Pot Luck.  We are also  having a Clothes exchange.  Details on the clothes exchange are to come this week.  Register for this FREE seminar online at CrossFit Texas under “seminars”. email me for info

 *TWIB* thank you for sitting across many tables with me!


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