CrossFit Texas Women

CrossFit Texas Women's Gathering & Goal Setting.


The first Women’s Gathering and Goal Setting session was held Saturday Feb. 20th at CrossFit Texas.  About a dozen of the ladies that leave their blood-sweat-and tears on the box floor throughout the week came on this Saturday with a different purpose.  We gathered to build upon the awesome community base that CrossFit has laid down for us.  This time it just needed a “women’s touch”.  Mary and I wanted help develop a group where we could have an open forum to talk about the struggles in any and all areas.   



Many issues were thrown out to start our forum: 

  • How do you stay motivated?
  • How do you know if you should Zone or Paleo?
  • How do others stay with a nutrition plan with a family and kids?
  • What supplements should I take?
  • How do I set goals?


  When you make a regular habit of reviewing your goals, you will be better able to achieve them. Goal setting is an important method of deciding what is important for you to achieve in your life.  Separating what is important from what is irrelevant or a distraction, motivating yourself, building your self-confidence.


S- Specific

M- Measurable

A- Attainable


T- Time Bound

Set performance goals NOT outcome goals!

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What is MOST important to me?
  2. What could get in my way? (obstacles to accomplishing your goals)
  3. What actions do I take to meet my goals?
  4. Who can help me to meet these goals?


  1. When do I start? Make a “kick-off” date for taking action and a date to accomplish it by.

My “TO BE” List

Lifetime Goal

Long Term (6mo-yr)

Short Term (3-6mo)

Immediate (1-3mo)

What other areas are important to you? For example, do you want more community involvement, spiritual growth, more leisure time, a greater self understanding?  To get started #1 Plan- identify the action plan, #2 Implementation – who/what is your monitoring system, #3 Evaluation – who is providing feedback related to your goal?

Goals will change as time goes on.  Adjust them regularly to reflect your growth.  If your goals don’t hold any attraction any longer, let them go.  Time to reevaluate and make a new plan.  If you achieve your goal too easily, make the next one harder. Realistic doesn’t mean it has to be easy, just “do-able”.

One of the best stories of setting a goal and realizing how it changed as she grew is with Ashley Hartgrove.  I would like you to read her story and if you see her in the gym please stop and chat.  She is an inspiration in making a goal a reality and then some! 

Ashley Hartgrove’s CrossFit Testimony 

The wisest person I’ll ever know was quoted as saying “If I testify about myself, my testimony is not valid.”  So… 

I can tell you that I went from a size 10 to a 2.  I can tell you that the scale hasn’t read 135 for me in 8 years.  But, if you want my testimony for CrossFit, I’d rather you listen to how others testify about me…  When they stop me in the hall at work, at the gym, or at church and ask me what I have been doing because I look like a different person.  That is my testimony.  When I describe a CrossFit workout to them, and they respond back with an “I could never do that” and I reply back to them, “neither could I… but I do it every day”. That is my testimony.   

I’ve been a CrossFit athlete for six months now.  CrossFit started as a size and scale thing.  An “I have to wear a strapless gown for a wedding in October and I want my arms to look good” comment to my husband. Every journey starts somewhere and that was where I wanted to go. It wasn’t half-way through my 6-month plan when my path changed directions. The body-fat analysis, scale, and measurement goals were being surpassed faster than I could make new ones. The desire to look good gave way to a passion to feel good… to BE good. No longer did I need the scale to go down or to look better in the mirror. The goal soon became a workout with ‘real’ push-ups. It became an unassisted pull-up. It became a workout ‘as prescribed’ (Rx). The joy of seeing a small number on a dress or on a scale became miniscule compared to a small number on the board with Rx next to it.  

If you want my testimony for CrossFit, you can find it on the white board. Daily, I desire to know what the white board says.  Daily, it has a new goal for me. It testified about me last time and it will again but this time with a smaller number, or an Rx, or both. October is no longer a goal, it is a month. That is my testimony.  I hope you will join me, I want to testify about you!



An update on Ashley- she is training to compete in the CrossFit Games Central/South Texas Sectional March 13th.



  This topic always seems to be the hot topic.  One of the things I heard at my CrossFit Level 1 Cert. from Level 3 HQ Trainer Lisa Ray was, “you have 23 hours of your day to mess up the 1 hour you spent in the gym”.  This is just the tip of the iceberg! The hardest WOD you did that week is still easy compared to the level of difficulty dialing in your nutrition.  But…….IT CAN BE DONE! All the ladies attending on Saturday shared stories of how they make it happen.  It’s not big changes, or dramatic meal plans…. it’s just a PLAN that matters.  The best nutrition plan for you is…… wait for it…… ONE THAT YOU WILL DO!  Kerri and I share our funny stories of our “support” texting when one of us is tempted by the Oreo’s or ice cream.  Kerri and Heidi, sisters and partners in crime!

Heidi and Kerri - A great Team!

They have created an AWESOME circle of accountability for each other.  I encourage you to not hold back and share those moments with us.  Grab one of the trainers and we will help you find a plan of accountability. 


Mark’s Daily Apple

Performance Menu

Paleo Blocks blog  


At the end of the day it always feels good to get into those favorite pair of jeans.  Getting our goals in line, understanding how to implement the nutrition and workouts for optimal outcomes is going to get us there! So everyone brought in some of their old favorites that don’t fit anymore and we got to SHOP! What was the cost?  Being a part of this wonderful group and sharing yourself with others.  What a blast! It was like a big walk in closet that we all got to pick from.  Some snagged a new pair of workout shorts, others found a cute shirt or two.  What we had left over didn’t go to waste. Jackie Holcomb was able to take them to the Hope Alliance in Georgetown for us. I encourage you to visit there website and learn more about them.  

Developing partnerships and providing services that renew hope, highlight possibilities and change the futures of those whose lives have been affected by family and sexual violence.    

The 1st gathering was a success and more are to come.  You all are the drivers and we can take this vehicle where ever we want!  If there are topics that you would like discussed please email  Mary ( or I ( 

Celebrating some of the awesome Ladies of CrossFit Texas

in our journey in and out of the CrossFit Box 



Self Defense! Our own Bonnie (and we might let a boy in…. her husband Rob 🙂 both are Officers with Austin Police Department) has offered to come do a session on self defense! WOOOOOOOOOWHOOOOO learn how to protect yourself…. I mean in case you can’t CLEAN the dude! Let me know if you are interested.  We will put a sign up sheet up in the gym when the date has been decided. 


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