UnBreakable ….Sectionals Day 1

CrossFit CST Sectional Camp Mabry

This past weekend amongst 200 other Firebreathers I dripped blood-sweat and tears to try to find my place.  What is a firebreather you ask…. To some it’s the “balls to the walls” Crossfitter, to some it could be defined as one who “eats-sleeps-walks-talks” Crossfit.  I see a “CrossFit FireBreather” as ANYONE willing to lay it all on the line and JUST TRY and NOT QUIT.  That’s the spirit of CrossFit that I feel.  Yes, I define myself as competitive and always up for a challenge.  If you say I can’t…. BACK UP BUSTA’  because I’ll try!  What was the “place” I was trying to find? It was MY place at the Central Southern Texas Sectionals , the qualifier for the next competition Regionals in Dallas this May.  They were taking the top 30 men & top 30 women to the next level.   

CrossFit Texas Women Competitors

Last May after only 5 months of doing CrossFit I headed up to GSX CrossFit in Dallas for the Southwest Regional Qualifier.  That was walking into the complete unknown.  Over the past year and 3 months I have used that competition more and more to prepare me for each and every WOD I do.  Being able to have gone through the “experience” was just a taste of what is needed to try and figure out what you need to do to prepare.  Competing in Dallas at the CrossFit FXTX Unleashed Games this past February was a great precursor to this weekend. That one cold Saturday I had to put my mind and body through 4 BRUTAL CrossFit WODs.  I knew where I gassed, where I could have done more and where my strength, endurance and grit levels where.  Placing 4th was good, but not good enough.   

Now onto the Grrrrrr moments for me.  I have been struggling with feeling “broken” and torn on my training and the competing side of this “Games Season” in the CrossFit world.  I knew that the field of women that was coming to compete was going to be FIERCE! My goat is my mind.  My confidence can be easily exposed to show the constant “IN MY KITCHEN” mindset I carry with me.  I am a single Mom to a wonderful 3yr old little Red headed doodlebug, I am a full-time RN, and I Coach CrossFit 5 days a week. So when I thought about the chances I had to actually hold my own against the 20-something yr old Full Time CrossFitter with a totally different game than me….self doubt flooded my kitchen.  I choose to spend time outside the CF box and try to find balance with all these roles.  Thankfully I have a wonderful support system  that allows me to follow my passions.   

Friday night approached and the nerves started with the sporadic moments of butterflies.  Then Mark just told me “HAVE FUN”.  Wow. It worked! I decided that I had done all I could do to up to this point and I had to control what I could and let go of the rest.  (How about I tatoo that on my forehead…. maybe I won’t forget it).   

Saturday started out nice and cool then the heat came before the sun was even over the horizon.  I was in Heat 2 for the 1st WOD.  


Dead Man's Row

2kilometer Row for time, you then had 10 sec to walk to your barbell and complete as many 185# Deadlifts as possible before the 12min time cap elapsed.  I had never rowed a 2k for time before, I was gaming this WOD off how I feel after a 5oom.  I was confident in my Deadlifts and just wanted a competitive row time so that I would be high enough in the standings moving into the 2nd WOD of the day.  I planned to stay in the 2min/500m pace window then pick it up around 1ooom.  The problem was I had no idea how I feel at 1000m straight, I can’t remember the last time I did a long row.  1st 500 I was on pace… moving into the 2nd 500 I was feeling good and every once in a while I wanted to pull and sprint.  My judge was great at reminding me that I had found a “happy place”.  This was probably the most comfortable I have been in an uncomfortable situation.  1000m done – half way now baby.  I hit that half way mark and realized I was still OK!  The last 500 I wasn’t sure how soon to sprint and when to be in the active rest mode to get my legs ready for the deadlifts.  2k DONE… I hear my judge starting the 10sec countdown.  It was chalked up & was just waiting on ME!  


3-2-1… LIFT….hmmm not bad.  A short rest at the top (no rest allowed at the bottom) and off I go.  My grip was solid, my back was in check and my legs felt good.  I was shooting for 10 lifts and when I actually hit them I wanted 15… in my 13th lift my grip failed before my hips opened.  Row=8:40 and I pulled 12 Dead’s.  THEN I realized I couldn’t breath.  Thanks to Scott w/McTeer Fitness Training, he caught my suck factor on film.. haha.  Kinda strange to watch yourself and not even remember rolling around the ground trying to catch your breath.  With the 12 DL’s I had shaved 1min off my row time.  I was now standing in 18th place out of 65 women.  


The next 4 hrs I had to stay focused and make sure my nutrition and hydration stayed on track.  Our CrossFit Texas Team was huddled under a tent and making sure everyone was Trigger pointing, taking their Advocare Rehydrate  (*big Thanks to Joel Holcomb for your help with supplement timing) and refueling (Mary thanks for your nutrition guidance) for the 2nd WOD of the day.  My support system grew and showed me how blessed I am.  My mom brought Mekenzie to the event and she was one of my biggest fans.  Mekenzie is around CrossFit almost everyday and she is a true lil follower… only a CrossFit kid breaks out into burpees during her ballet class.  As Mekenzie stood with Mark and the gang during WOD 2, she was repeating all the yells from around her.  My 3yr old lil girl started shouting “GO MOMMY, push your head through”…guess I need to work on my head thru on my handstand pushups – haha.  

Mekenzie and Jack cheering on their CrossFitting Mommy's

WOD #2: “MABRY MELODY” – 3 rounds  

2 Handstand Pushups   

(hands within 30in taped area, head to ground, full lockout and heels on wall at full extention)  

6 Ground to Overhead – 95 lbs. (Clean & Jerk)  

10 burpees  

Thankfully we have been working on our HSPU’s in the box (Thanks Rob & Brannon for making sure we did it!)  But I still hadn’t gotten the timing perfect w/my kip.  I met w/a friend on Thursday and I was able to nail it! Nothing like the last-minute.  I was excited about this WOD. A little nervous on how my shoulders would feel in the second round.  I had a great Judge, Carl kept me on the wall and my head in the game.  1st round was great, then…… 2nd rnd HSPU’s ate my lunch. Either I couldn’t get locked out elbows or my dang heels kept popping off the wall.  I could feel how close I was but Grrrrrrrrrrrrr it wouldn’t go.  FINALLY 2nd HSPU done and onto the C&J’s and burpees.  I was able to get one of my 3rd rnd HSPU’s before thee 12 min cap.  I was SERIOUSLY disappointed in my performance here! It exposed a weakness and all I can do is… MORE WORK!  


WOW, day 1 was done and two WODs done.  I was in 25th place at the end of the day and knew that I had to work my a** off on Sunday to stay in the top 30.  I felt like I had left it all “out there” and even though I wasn’t 100% satisfied at my performance I knew I had pushed through every uncomfortable spot as best as I could.  The day couldn’t have ended better.  Now home to put my tired lil girl to bed & put myself through my next prep phase ….. hot shower, Rehydrate, Night Time Recovery and Catalyst – what a nightcap huh.   

On to the Next One 



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