“Everybody Gather Around”…says the little redhead.

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Miss Mekenzie….. My JOY!!!

*turn your speakers on

I don’t have a huge moving topic to write about today.  I have been racking my brain lately about things to blog and “what would help my clients, newcomers, firebreathers, myself” in this CrossFit world I devote myself to?  I have my ongoing list of the “need to research” tid bits and random things about my training that always flood my head, but honestly it’s not really important right now.  As I was brainstorming today my little girl, Mekenzie, was joyfully running around the house singing and dancing at the top of her lungs.  Not a clue that I was listening and ultimately sneaking around the corner to watch, she had ZERO self-doubt, ZERO worry that she sounded silly or looked silly.  Actually she loved it more the louder she got and the more wiggle she could pull out of that 3-year-old tush. 

I sat there and had an overwhelming feeling of JOY! I wanted what she had… NO WORRIES. So as she saw me I was then summoned to participate.  For the rest of the day it was all about having fun.  Somehow my chores still managed to get done between Princess Dance Class, cupcake baking, Barbie adventures and a nap. YEAH NAPS!!!

One of the coolest things about being able to Coach and train at CrossFit Texas is that I get to have Mekenzie with me much of the time.  She has been around CrossFit over a year now and even though she is only 3 yrs old, she is a little Firebreather herself. She won’t let me get away from the warmup run and will actually take off for the 400m jaunt.  I can usually coax her back into the box with the friendly faces of Mary, Amie and Alice in the mornings.  So the little sponges that they are at this age only sets up for her to pick up CF moves/lifts etc.  One night I looked around the box as we circled up for a technique focus and review and right in the middle of the circle was MK with her 5ft PVC pipe ready to learn.  The  other night we had been working on snatches, I must have said a few things that stuck.  At home a few nights later MK grabs her little play broom and precedes to break down the snatch… HAHAHAHA.  Ok so maybe it was somewhere between and Clean and a Snatch but it was close.  Then when I asked her what she was doing she announced, “My workout Mommy, I(‘m) doing SNAPS..” I could not help but laugh out loud. 

I know many other parents who have there kiddos around the gym experience similar things, but I wanted to share my little JOY and how COOL it is that I get to be Mekenzie’s Mommy! Here are a few pieces of entertainment from my little redhead.  MK and her “snaps” in a tutu OF COURSE!!


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