Gittin’ Up in my Bidness

“It is a combination of Myofascial Release, Ischemic Pressure and Deep Tissue Massage with movement through targeted ranges of motion of the area(s) being treated. This lengthens contracted/unbalanced muscle and fascial tissue which helps realign the body structurally. When all of the components of the imbalance caused by traumatic injuries, repetitive stress injuries or postural deficits are corrected, pain is eliminated.” Therapy Central of Round Rock

Yes it hurts and YES it WORKS! I am a true believer that injury is not because I trained “too much”, but because I did not do the extra work. I am pretty good at making sure I get a balanced warm up and get prepared for the workout. What I have to admit to is that I have gotten away from static stretching AFTER my WOD. I was proud when I brought more stretching into our classes and saw the clients staying to stretch after class. I am usually sneaking a WOD in where I can so that I can get Mekenzie home and I can do Mommy things with her, that I rush out of the gym. BAD TRAINER, BAD ATHLETE, BAD example….

Injured List:
I have been nursing a bum shoulder for about a year… I know. I am a nurse, I should know better and go see a doctor. I DID… finally I had some sense knocked into me and I saw an Sport Medicine orthopedic Surgeon. Luckily nothing needing surgery. Then there is this nagging pull in my hip flexor… kinda important to be able to sit, squat, lift your knee, run and jump when you are training and doing CrossFit. The worst part is that it was hurting to do the fun things with my daughter. Again, it appeared to be a strain and in need of some rehab. …..THINK THINK THINK.

Brannon reminded me of his friend Susan, a massage therapist (and now is where you insert the evil laugh). I have heard of a few places that are working in the myofascial release area and knew she was doing similar work with other athletes. I called to make an appointment and the receptionist asked what I needed… I paused….. “I’m not really sure”, I answered. I was hurting and 3 weeks of rest was not doing the trick. She reassured me that she would figure it out once I got there based on my complaints. So plan in action and appointment made.

Sure I train for the unknown, but not for this. My first appt. with Susan was all about what hurt and trying to figure out why. Now hopefully you read the first paragraph I posted from her website explaining what the therapy is all about…. because you need to replay that in your head when you have an elbow in your hip. hahahah. I will say this over and over… YES IT HURTS, but IT WORKS! I spent the next hour remembering how to breathe through childbirth. The Pin and Move therapy that Susan was doing was trying to release all that “junk” that was making other “junk” hurt.  After gritting my teeth and I think a few curse words, I hoped off the table and did a squat with a significant decrease in pain.  I hadn’t been able to do that in 3 weeks! Woooooooooowoooo!

I head back for a few more sessions and each time Susan was able to find another crazy spot on my that was super keyed up and referring pain elsewhere.  My 3rd visit was last week and we made significant headway in finding the source.  If I hadn’t been a ball of knots it would have released sooner.  My inner thigh/hamstring was so tight I found out what childbirth without the epidural I had would have been like.  Again, YES IT HURTS, but it works. 


Lately I have been training around my injury and trying to just keep moving. I’m blessed to have a source of motivation that keeps my head on straight and he knows when to tweak my mind the right way.  Today was the first WOD with squats in over a month.  New gym, back to the roots of the garage gym – no music to drown out the grunts, the moans or the fact that you can officially hear yourself loosing your breath.  No fancy air conditioner, unless the breeze shifted your direction.  No excuses! It was GO *Hard or GO HOME!  CINDY called our name today.  She’s a beast but it was a good battle! 

Slowly coming off the injured list is a good thing.  Once again I’m reminded that slowing down is good… unless you are doing CINDY.

*Special Thanks to CrossFit GP


2 thoughts on “Gittin’ Up in my Bidness

  1. True. No AC, no music. BUT conveniently located with EXCELLENT locker and shower facilities. And no crowds. AHHHHHH.

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