Try a little Gluten Free

courtesy of Elana's Pantry


Sunday morning and I actually have a little girl who does NOT like pancakes! She’ll take French Toast any day of the week, but isn’t Sunday morning “pancake day”. I gave up the heavy flour traditional pancakes a while back and usually do either the Paleo banana pancake from Performance Menu or the Apple cinnamon Paleo pancake from Marks Daily Apple.  

My friend Ashley introduced me to this great cookbook that focuses on Gluten Free/Almond Flour.Elana’s Pantry has some tasty recipes that will bring in a gluten-free diet for the entire family.  I admit I am NOT 100% gluten-free nor am I anywhere near 100% Paleo, but I do try to do as much as possible.  Today I tried her Gluten free Silver Dollar pancakes.  They are sweet enough you don’t need any type of sweetness to put on top.  Mekenzie grabbed it like a cookie and enjoyed every bite! You gotta love when you know what ingredients are in their little tummies.


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