“People do only what they WANT to do, including you. No one can help, direct, advise, or boost you unless you have made the choice & decision to accept, listen, do, and/or go for it. Don’t rely on others. They can’t and won’t do it for you. YOU have to FIND the motivation “with in you”, on your OWN, for your OWN reasons. So find it & focus on it till it start influencing your thoughts! Then DECIDE to make the choice to be “open & active” to advice, help, people, situations, ect, in order to improve your life. Only then will you start moving forward! Because YOU are willing now! YOU made the choice. Focus on an inspiration!”~:Simply Positive]

Do you have a place that is your best “thinking place”?  I think best when I’m driving… yes I pay attention to what I’m doing but it is the best moment of clarity for me.  Nothing like a road trip to clear the junk that has settled deep in our minds.  Do you have a place that is your quiet place? I am guilty of thinking “too much” and have been searching for quiet moments to answer a gament of life questions that seem to be repeating themselves.  I’m learning that you can’t assume yet you can continue to hope. As you hope, make sure you have faith. Faith will be your constant. 

Working on living with an attitude of gratitude and realizing that even though I see it one way I could be blinded.  A few weeks ago I was attending a weekend “success school” – it taught me more than I could ever imagine.  Talking to a good friend we shared stories of what we saw and heard from the event.  We sat in the same room at the same time listening to the same people and speakers, yet we saw two totally different things.  That one simple conversation helped us both realized how we saw the best for each other and at the same time put ourselves in a slight negative light.  Since then I have had many chances to see that I was blinded by what I thought I saw and heard outside of that weekend. 

Blinders are good as long as you take them off to see what’s really in front of you.  Sometimes we have them on all the time and haven’t even realized it until it’s too late.   We have missed that opportunity or the chance to make a better decision because we are so worried about not focusing on what we needed to do that we actually missed it completely.  Lesson learned… the hard way again.

“When it comes to life the critical thing is whether you take things for granted OR take them with gratitude.”- G. K. Chesterton-

Never assume, expect, or take kindness, friendship, gifts, or love for granted. Because at any moment you could lose it for not nurturing or appreciating it. Every positive thing handed to you is a gift from God or someone who decided to give it to YOU. Be grateful of it always and value it.~Simply Positive


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