CrossFit Mom over 35….. HELL YEAH!

Do you ever forget how old you are?

“You’re only as old as you feel.”  If so, my age changes daily & I love every minute of it!

Today as I did some “housework” on my blog and I checked out what people searched for when they were directed to it. When I saw this as the search phrase,“crossfit Mom over 35“…. OUCH.  I gasped for a second then I actually said out loud “HELL YEAH!” I started to think about that phrase and how empowering that is to all the women out there. CrossFit is definitely not easy, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do it! This takes me back to where I was when I found CrossFit, and the journey that I have taken since then.  The foundation I have been able to show my daughter and how to adopt a healthy and fit lifestyle for herself. 

CROSSFIT MOM over 35!!! When I step up to a WOD I know it will be tough, I know at some point I will want to stop or slow down. Then I remember why I am doing it in the first place.  When my 4 yr old is sleepy and needs me to carry her up the stairs also while I have to carry 3 bags of groceries …. I don’t doubt that I can. When she wants to have three-legged races or run for an hour at the park…. I don’t doubt I can. 

This year I wasn’t sure if I wanted to compete again in the CF Games season. I hadn’t trained like I wanted to, I had some nagging little injuries that I hadn’t given attention to.  Then I realized… ‘Shannon, this is just another way to stay healthy – MIND AND BODY’.  Who cares where you finish, this is not the end all be all – it’s CrossFit…. it’s my vehicle to a better ME!

So if you search for a CrossFit Mom over 35…. HELL yes I will be there and hope you join me too! Probably running a 400m with Mekenzie on my shoulders, hanging from some wooden gymnastic rings working skills, or throwing some heavy weight around the box with all the young 20 yr olds and awesome 50 yr olds… with my daughter right there with me telling me “go faster Mommy – you can do it”! 










One thought on “CrossFit Mom over 35….. HELL YEAH!

  1. Fantastic – love it. This is the real spirit of the Iron Game – one the was largely lost for a few decays in the haze of steroids instead of natural strength. A step in revalorization of the Iron Game – good work.

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