My Family…..My blessings!

I have been counting my blessing these last few days and was busting at the seams.  I know my blog is primarily about CrossFit and my CrossFit family, but I wouldn’t have that if I didn’t have the wonderful support from MY family.  I share a look inside my family and the people who mean so much to me.  My world revolves around my little girl, Mekenzie.  Surrounding us this Holiday season are my parents and my grandmother. I had to add a picture of my younger brother, Brett.  He was stuck up at Grad school and couldn’t make it home.  So thank you for allowing me to share my blessings with all of you.




You have worked hard all year to get healthier and fitter. So don’t let this holiday week get you off your training routine! Here is a list of Vacation WODs that you can do anywhere!!!! So pick one out for each day and post your time to the ‘comments’ here.  I can’t wait to see what everyone picked and who they got to join in on the fun!!!!!

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Dear Santa……

The Holiday season is in full swing.  I have been asked “so what do YOU want for Christmas this year.”  My first answer is always, “I’d rather you spend that money towards Mekenzie.” or “I don’t need anything”.  This week my daughter and I have sat down and written more than one letter to Santa for her to walk down to the mailbox.  So I was thinking, why not write down my very own “wish list” for Santa….. just for fun.  So I sat down and went cyber window shopping for fun.

Lululemon has some of the best workout gear out there!  A gift card would please any crossfitters wardrobe!



CrossFit Gear. and Certifications.. Never can have too much or too many!

Women's Cocoa Heather Hooded Jacket

Dear Santa…. I would LOVE a little help getting to a CrossFit Cert… here are a few that caught my eye.

February 27th – 28th
CrossFit Gymnastics Certification
CrossFit Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV

March 6th – 7th
CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certification
CrossFit Strong
Dallas, TX

ok… so I’ll also take a Nutrition cert… a Powerlifting cert….. I mean since I’m making a WISH list… 🙂


CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OF COURSE!

Paleo Treats have a great sweet treat for all those “gotta have it” moments


and at the end of the day I would just like to wiggle my nose, wave my wand and bibbiddy bobbiddy Boop….  I may have listed all material things on my wish list, but the REAL things on my wish list will stay tucked away.  I am BLESSED to have a healthy, beautiful, energetic daughter.  She is my gift that keeps giving.  Being her Mommy is the best gift I have ever received.

Happy Thanksgiving!


I was looking for a great photo to express “The WINDS OF CHANGE” and I kept going back to this one.  This is me and my daughter Mekenzie last year on Thanksgiving Day.   I was blessed that I was able to spend it with my daughter and my family and it was a turning point in my life for the next year.  So I figure this picture represented exactly what I was looking for.  As you have some time off for the holiday and spend it with your friends and family take a minute and be thankful FOR YOURSELF!  You are making decisions everyday to change your destiny. 

Whether it is a new workout program, a new nutrition plan or establishing new goals to take hold of those things that weigh you down.  It all should be something that makes you a better person therefore will better those around you.  The wonderful women from the Windemere BootCamp have been taking hold and making it happen! I challenged them to take on a CrossFit vacation WOD on themselves and post their experience here. 

I wanted to start the process off:

Today I grabbed the bull by the horns!!!!!

WOD: SUCK factor was BIG on this one!

400m Run

50 Doubleunders

10-8-6-4-2   kettlebell swings 35# /pushups

50 Doubleunders

400m Run

TIME>>>> uggghh as I try to catch my breath I hear 10 min and some change.


Core work : Tabata 20 sec of work/10 sec rest

flutter kicks – plank holds – mountain climbers – plank w/leg raises


Now it’s off to HEB for the ingredients for my Paleo Sweet Potatoe  Pie Recipe.  I’ll let ya know how it turns out!!!  The longer it takes me to speed thru the holiday lines at HEB, I keep thinking I just need to get home – eat my dinner so I can have some good sleep! It’s TURKEY TROT time at 8am! So my rest day is a 5mile run around beautiful downtown Austin.  Not sure if I’ll find the other members of the gym before the race,but would love to at least start together. 

Night time is winding down, some good chatting and laughing before bed and TIME…. day is done.