Practice what you preach….My Daily Training Journal

One of the best things I did when I started CrossFit was keep a journal.  I included the obvious -WOD and my time, but I also would record what the prescribed weight or Rx goal was of that WOD.  I can remember the first time I did Thrusters…. Mary K. was rockin’ them out at the Rx’d weight of 65#.  I looked at her in AWWWWWWWW and couldn’t imagine ever being there.  That day I used the 45# bar only and was struggling.  It’s common to get to that place of forgetting how far you have come and the improvements start to blur in your mind.  I remember the day that I felt like this… so I looked back at my journal from when I started and was AMAZED and so proud of myself.  I had forgotten how far I had come.  Thankfully not only did I include the WOD and my time, I wrote down what weight I used, how I felt after each workout and my nutrition for the day.  Just reading those old journal enteries was the kick in the butt I needed to take on my next improvement challenge. 

I HIGHLY encourage everyone to keep a journal of each workout *NOT JUST THE BENCHMARKS or HEAVY LIFTS*, the weight you used, ROM (pushups chest to floor, pullups kipping/band/jumping)…whatever it was.  MOST importantly you HAVE to write down your nutrition.  Was your Helen time was slower?  You just couldn’t push any harder???? Ask yourself – how was my nutrition this week? Did I get enough sleep? Is my stress level higher?  Dial in your life to FEEL BETTER!

So Here is my “practice what you preach” page.  My daily training journal… the good – the bad – the ugly.


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