2-a-day…sure doesn’t keep the soreness away!

Wednesday was a 2 -WOD kinda day.  These are no fun, but now and then it just happens.  Monday and Tuesday it was all about Coaching and being Mommy.  Everyday I struggle with making the best decision for my precious little girl and for myself.  Over the last year my family and my good friends would tell me to do things for myself.  “If you are happy, she will be happy” they would say. WOW that’s hard to put yourself 1st, well it is for me.  These last few months when I want to train harder than ever, it’s harder than ever to do just that.  I finally just realized that I have multiple “hats” that I wear on  a daily basis and BALANCE is everything! I strive to be the Best Mommy, the Best nurse, the Best Coach, the Best companion but is it best to spread yourself so thin that areas suffer?

  I’m ok with not being the ” BEST” Crossfitter and ok with not being the “BEST” ICU nurse, but I will  NOT relinquish the drive to be the BEST Mommy to my little girl.  On Sunday we celebrated Mekenzie’s 3rd birthday and boy-oh-boy am I BLESSED!!!!!!! When Mekenzie stopped playing, tilted her little red head and said, “Thank you Mommy for my party, I Love You!” I melted and all the stress of the “balance” went away. 

Wednesday was a double WOD day.  The 1st WOD of my day I hit after Coaching the 9am – I was able to twist Brannon’s arm to workout with me.  It’s always better with someone else gutting it out with you!

WOD#1  21-15-9 HandStand push-ups, single arm dumb bell snatches.

I am trying to take all the extra opportunities I can to train a weakness. So the HSPU’s included some EROM (extended ROM) on paralletts and a little heavy on the DB snatches. The fun factor was that I got to play with my doodlebug.  Mekenzie off to the side swinging  away on the rings next to me then entire time.  She made sure I had the chalk bucket handy and I even got a “YOU GOT IT MOMMY”.  That is the best bit of motivation I could ever hear!  This workout was not a strict clock run. There was the extra few seconds to untangle the straps on the rings for MK, or a little longer of a look when I heard “look at what I can do Mommy”. So 18 min , a good sweat and a happy little girl is all good by me!

The rest of the day included lunch with Mekenzie at her favorite… Chick Fil -A! It was not so much a Paleo lunch for me, but I can at least Zone a pretty good meal there.  Grilled chicken sandwich with the bun removed and a side of fruit. I caved and had a big O’ Diet Coke. A quick run in the rain just “because” and we were off to the house for  nap time. YEAH NAPS!

WOD #2

I love when I can jump into the evening class with some of the other gals.  I sure do miss working out with my girl Kerri, but I can’t get there as early as she does.  So today it was the 6pm class.  Ashley, Lauren and Terilyn – what a great group of women to knock out a WOD with…. oh yeah the guys did awesome as well 🙂  Today’s WOD was about keeping the weight a little heavy all while maintaining the MetCon component. 

3 Rounds: 50 abmat sit ups, 30 box jumps (not enough room on the big box so I volunteered for the “big boy” 28″box), 10 Deadlifts (115# womens rec. weight – I threw on 155# for the challenge)… and yeah I let my back slip a little at the end…. Grrrrrrrrrrr. 

Brannon grabbed some film of the class and I wanted to share the blood-sweat-tears of the day.


Live Life as Rx and get out of the kitchen!

What does this mean? It is different for every CrossFitter.  I can remember walking up to the whiteboard and wondering why only certain people had that little symbol after their name for the WOD.  It doesn’t take long to figure out what those two little letters mean.  It is a goal. It is a journey.  It is a commitment to keep working for it.  I recently had a few clients ask me about doing WOD’s “Rx” or as prescribed.  A new client asked me “how long until most people can do a WOD as Rx?” Another client had that moment we have all had before a WOD…. do I do my WOD as prescribed and not be as proficient as I am with the scaling? My answer to the new client is this: Everyone reaches Rx at different times.  Some can get to Rx weights before they can do an Rx pullup. 

For example, “Fran”, one might be able to complete the WOD w/the prescribed weight but might not have their kipping pullup yet.  My answer to the experienced client contemplating doing her 1st “Cindy” off the band for her pullups…. HELL YES! 

GUT CHECK TIME! Yes, if you can do it as prescribed DO  IT! This is where it gets in your kitchen!

 If your last “Cindy” was 12 rounds on a band for pullups you may not get 12 rounds in your 1st attempt w/Rx’d pullups.  THAT IS OKAY!  We have to let go of the clock sometimes.  TECHNIQUE-TECHNIQUE-TECHNIQUE  will pull you through in the end.  When you take that 1st leap off the scaled option your times might be a little slower, your rounds might be less but you did it AS Rx’d! I witnessed someone get their 1st kip recently and it was awesome! The WODs all of sudden had a whole new meaning… but the best part was the “woooooooooowhooooo” moment!

It’s hard to do in any arena.  We push through life everyday with the scaled versions, but we usually want to get as much done as fast as we can.  So if we work and work and work in the CrossFit box day in and day out to do it all Rx’d, shouldn’t we do the same in life.  Living your Life as Rx is more than just wearing the really cool t-shirt! Train yourself to get comfortable with the uncomfortable places outside the CF box as well.  It may slow you down and you may not get as much done, but you are LIVING.  So keep training for the Rx. Life has its own ‘Nasty Girls’, not just CrossFit. It might mean you need to clean out your kitchen!  

*cooking a little bacon always helps


9am Games Class: 1RM Back Squat= PR’d @ 195#!  , followed by 5 rounds: 15 burpees, 10 box jumps, 5 HandStand pushups on parrallettes  *went for technique  and not time today! It was all about trying to train harder to make it the norm.

2pm Rowing Grace.3 rnds 500m row, 10 clean & jerks. Focused on pre and post WOD stretching and cool down.  Also just needed to push thru a WOD when I was already tired.  Getting Comfortable with the uncomfortable… IT SUCKS! haha