Windermere Boot Camp


Windermere Boot Campers! Looking good after taking on ‘Barbara!

With only one week left until the Christmas break, the Boot Campers at Windermere Primary have been working hard! Monday they tackled “Barbara” with overhead squats sub for pullups due to the 37* cold and rain outside.  The gals of Windermere had officially been introduced to the “Girls” of CrossFit.   As the group was running laps, I was writing the WOD on the white board… “BARBARA” and listed the details of the workout.  Shortly after I hear… “So, is Barbara as bad as Cindy? What was Cindy? OHHH yeah… uhhhh”. 

The group pushed harder through this WOD today than any so far.  If it wasn’t for the carpeted gym floor I think we would have had our 1st CrossFit sweat angel from the boot campers today!!!

Wednesday —- Warm up dialoge from the group included….”UHHH I am sooo sore”.  “My legs, my butt, my EVERYTHING”… (that was too funny Rhonda).  Again I write the WOD on the whiteboard…  “burpee FRAN”.  Today was a little bit warmer… okay really it was just about 3 degrees warmer, but I offered to head outside for a true Fran w/jumping pullups.  The cold won and the group voted to stay indoors- which means BURPEES!!!

Burpee FRAN. 21-15-9 Thrusters/Burpees

INTENSITY was the goal.. and I didn’t let them forget it! Short burst – high intensity! 3-2-1-GO!


Awesome push ladies! See you on Monday!