Dear Santa……

The Holiday season is in full swing.  I have been asked “so what do YOU want for Christmas this year.”  My first answer is always, “I’d rather you spend that money towards Mekenzie.” or “I don’t need anything”.  This week my daughter and I have sat down and written more than one letter to Santa for her to walk down to the mailbox.  So I was thinking, why not write down my very own “wish list” for Santa….. just for fun.  So I sat down and went cyber window shopping for fun.

Lululemon has some of the best workout gear out there!  A gift card would please any crossfitters wardrobe!



CrossFit Gear. and Certifications.. Never can have too much or too many!

Women's Cocoa Heather Hooded Jacket

Dear Santa…. I would LOVE a little help getting to a CrossFit Cert… here are a few that caught my eye.

February 27th – 28th
CrossFit Gymnastics Certification
CrossFit Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV

March 6th – 7th
CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certification
CrossFit Strong
Dallas, TX

ok… so I’ll also take a Nutrition cert… a Powerlifting cert….. I mean since I’m making a WISH list… 🙂


CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OF COURSE!

Paleo Treats have a great sweet treat for all those “gotta have it” moments


and at the end of the day I would just like to wiggle my nose, wave my wand and bibbiddy bobbiddy Boop….  I may have listed all material things on my wish list, but the REAL things on my wish list will stay tucked away.  I am BLESSED to have a healthy, beautiful, energetic daughter.  She is my gift that keeps giving.  Being her Mommy is the best gift I have ever received.