Food is your Fuel in and out of the Crossfit box.

After taking a week off from Crossfit for some summer vacation time with my sweet 4yr old Mekenzie and our family, I hit my first WOD post vacation today. YIKES is an understatement!  Today reminded me how much fueling your body for the activities we choose are so important.  Whether you are fueling for the sport of Crossfit or for the sport of your daily routine,we still need to think about what we are using as fuel.  I see plenty of folks dragging around mid day and too tired to do much at the end of the day.  This is not a fun or comfortable place to be.  I have been in that place and I can attest to feeling much better when I fuel my body the best way possible.  Eating clean and Paleo friendly helps my workout performance, my Mommy energy stay up to run with my 4yr old and just FEEL BETTER! So today after a week of eating on vacation…aka NOT PALEO, my workout HURT! Every minute of the WOD I thought about the lack of discipline I had while away. Yes, we do need to have those “off” times to enjoy a few treats but it sure does hurt when you try to dial it back in if you do it too much. 

It’s Monday… that’s like a weekly New Year’s Eve resolution time for most of us…. “I’ll start on Monday eating better – working out – taking care of myself”. WE NEED TO MAKE A CHOICE EVERYDAY to take care of ourself! Here are a few recipes of what my meal plan this week looks like. I will give all the credit to the wonderful websites I snagged the ideas from, check them out below.

 Wake up: Advocare Spark and Rehydrate, Catalyst

Breakfast: Advocare Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake

Advocare Chocolate Shake – always a great start to the day!

WOD “Jackie” 1000m Row, 50 Thruster (45#), 30 pullups.

Post Workout: Advocare Post Workout Recovery shake *helps decrease soreness!!

 Lunch: Baked Tilapia seasoned with oregano, fresh lime juice and diced garlic.  Arugula salad with organic tomatoes and a drizzle of olive oil.

 snack: 1/2 a Lara barAdvocare Spark and Rehydrate/ Catalyst

Dinner: This is where the experts come in! Everyday Paleo to the rescue.  I used two different post to combine the recipes for dinner.

Skillet Rosemary Chicken. Loved this easy recipe!

Basil – Parsley Pesto  I used pecans instead of walnuts and didn’t have as much fresh basil as I needed so I added some cilantro and dried basil. It turned out super good!!! 

Arugula salad (see recipe link above).  Warm nitrate free bacon over fresh arugula and a drizzle of olive oil with a side tomato topped it off well.

Meal prep for the week was also a great addition to this.  I have four more chicken breast ready in the frig and cooked up the rest of the bacon for meals the next few days.

Bedtime: Trying to get in 8 hrs of sleep to control cortisol levels and stress. Advocare Catalyst and Nighttime Recovery will send me off to dreamland.


A CrossFit Mom and her Village

CrossFit Texas community!

 Crossfit — it’s “YOU AGAINST YOU”…. even when there are 10 others with shins to the bar ready to tackle the same work you are. At “3-2-1 Go” it is about the work YOU are going to do.  Even though we know the work is ours to do, we are all still a team.  This is best seen at the end of a WOD -one person finishes but they aren’t done… you see them at the foot of another who is still working and they stay right there encouraging them every step of the way.  I see this day after day in our gym and it defines the CrossFit Community that I love so much. 

As a Coach I can walk in the box and if I’m in a bad mood or had a bad day… you leave it at the door.  I see our members and I immediately forget my worries and thrive on seeing THEM improve, get stronger, faster or do something they NEVER thought they would able to do. 

 As an athlete myself, I have those same “just not into it” kind of days.  These last few weeks I have been blessed with receiving some of the CrossFit Community love myself. 

Every Saturday a group of us gather to train in preparation for the CrossFit competitions. An intense 2 hours of skill sets or heavy work and then a WOD to follow.  One of my favorite things about our little community is that all the kiddos are welcome.  I know my little Mekenzie has a blast!  They all tumble around the gym until we are ready to work… then off to the playroom they go ~ only a few “they aren’t sharing” moments happen -haha- but one of the many parents work the room and we are off.  My little Mekenzie has been in a CrossFit gym since she was about 2 yrs old so she knows the drill…and fits right in – usually with her own WOD right next to Mommy.

My norm is usually a few seconds during each WOD for Mommy moments between minutes of work. This Saturday, I had a little angel helping me as Mekenzie was really wanting me to stop and come play during my WOD. I have mastered the ability to talk to her when I can’t even breath because I’m mid burpee or kettlebell swing.  After a few quick stops to open a juice box or tie a shoe, my good friend Ashley just saw a Mommy moment. She saw a need and stepped in. The need for Mekenzie to have a playmate and the need for me to finish a workout. Both things provided what each needed. CrossFit is one of the sanity moments I need… after completing a WOD it gives me more than a fit and healthy body… It also provides a fit and healthy mind. These both carry over into my fit and healthy Mommy role

Saturday rolled around again.. I had to miss the first half of training and walked in as the group was about to start the WOD. I helped Coach the team and then had planned on doing it after class alone.  As I finished up working the heavy skill set I just LOST IT! I had no passion, no desire, no GRRRRR to do the WOD. I honestly just did not care in that moment. I wanted to pack up and go.  This is where my teammates stepped in and became my coaches and my motivation.  Crossfitters all know how it feels to have an “off” day, and this day they helped me through mine. 

These are the days I am remember how blessed I am to have a family in my Crossfit community. Thank you to all the “get up girl…get it done!” moments you share with me!

Try a little Gluten Free

courtesy of Elana's Pantry


Sunday morning and I actually have a little girl who does NOT like pancakes! She’ll take French Toast any day of the week, but isn’t Sunday morning “pancake day”. I gave up the heavy flour traditional pancakes a while back and usually do either the Paleo banana pancake from Performance Menu or the Apple cinnamon Paleo pancake from Marks Daily Apple.  

My friend Ashley introduced me to this great cookbook that focuses on Gluten Free/Almond Flour.Elana’s Pantry has some tasty recipes that will bring in a gluten-free diet for the entire family.  I admit I am NOT 100% gluten-free nor am I anywhere near 100% Paleo, but I do try to do as much as possible.  Today I tried her Gluten free Silver Dollar pancakes.  They are sweet enough you don’t need any type of sweetness to put on top.  Mekenzie grabbed it like a cookie and enjoyed every bite! You gotta love when you know what ingredients are in their little tummies.

Mmmmm Pancakes!!….. PALEO Pancakes!

Sunday morning and pancakes are cooking!! Honestly I don’t miss the usual heavy flour pancakes that had been the staple pancake all my life! I have tried two different Paleo pancakes and both are sweeter and tastier than the ones I had to add Maple syrup to.

Almond-banana pancakes  Super tasty! Super slow to cook! I learned the hard way on these and burned the first batch.  Thin batter so cook on the lowest setting.  I cook these to a little crisp and they are great to just pop in your mouth and eat.  My next batch I’m going to try to freeze them … I always need something quick with my 3 yr old.

Apple Cinnamon Pancakes The above picture is what was on the menu this morning! TASTY Paleo pancakes! These are not as sweet as the banana pancakes, but just as good.  I made them for Mekenzie and even a 3 yr old will scarf them up… she did have the syrup option 🙂  These had more of a pancake type batter and a little easier to cook.  So check out the links and grab these recipes along with a ton more for your own Paleo menu.

I stole a great little recipe from Kerri to add to the top of my omelet.

1 avocado, 1/4 cup diced cucumber, 1 Roma tomato, garlic and chipotle chili powder and spread over the omelet. Talk about a refreshing breakfast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Now I’m off to make a Valentines box with Mekenzie and plans for a quick run and trip to the park later today.  Enjoy your day! Live it with an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE!

Hi-HO Hi-HO It’s off to work I go.

After taking waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long off Paleo over the holidays, I am back on! If had kept a journal of what I ate in the last 3-4 weeks— well, THANK GOODNESS I DIDN’T!!!  So after a trip to Sprouts and HEB my kitchen counter is covered with fresh veggies, fruit, nuts and berries.  The cage free eggs, grass-fed beef are safely tucked away in the fridge.  100% Paleo is ideal, but I also know my crazy life of a single mom, full-time RN, and CrossFit Coach. I am not going to beat myself down if I am not 100%. 

Today was just a little crazy but I was able to stick pretty close to my goals. 

My Day:

0730 Advocare Catalyst *broke down.. YUP had a diet coke  


0830 Cliff Builder Protein Bar, Advocare Spark drink(off Paleo, but hauling bootay to the gym)

0900 Coached CF.   WOD: 5 rnds 15 burpees, 10 box jumps, 5 HSPU

Awesome push today by Joan, Anthony and Sandra. Sandra was rocking it on the bands for her Handstand pushups! Anthony had his 1st experience with HSPU’s after a rough week of ‘Cindy’, heavy front squats and LUNGES!!! Joan was doing a great job with her push-away in her pull-up work! One more day closer to coming off her band! I’m so proud of you guys! Mekenzie and Clara were making their own WOD in the corner, I saw a few Thrusters by Clara and some DB swings by MK. Both knocked out some burpees with the gang!

1030 Took pictures of me in the “before” stage of these next 30+days….UHG. SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?!  Taking the idea from fellow CFitter Kate, I said I would publish the pics here w/my current stats. WAS I DRUNK? Why would I put pics of myself in a bikini on the internet??? I’m still not sold on this one.

11am Pediatrician appt for MK.

1200 Cafe Java for lunch: BIG ‘O Omelet w/bacon and sausage. Side of fruit and avocado. Unsweetened tea w/lime.  THIS  WAS YUMMY!

2pm Mekenzie down for a nap and I’m shortly behind her- I have a 12 hr shift tonight in the ICU.

4pm “MOMMY I’M AWAKE”, snack was WAY off Paleo – a square of a hersey chocolate (hey- I’m honest! What’s the point otherwise)

Time to make dinner for work tonight.  I am determined to plan and pack my meals.  This is the only way to keep myself on track.  So out comes the George Foreman Grill. Heck ya, this thing is AWESOME! I can throw on the meat and it cooks while I get ready for work.  I was craving  Banana-Almond Butter pancakes to eat NOW! They are so easy to make, they just take time on the stove since you have to cook them so slow. 

Almond Butter-Banana pancakes: 2 bananas mashed up, 1 egg, 1 tbsp almond butter. (can add more to thicken). I burned a few as always, cooking them on a very low temp allows them to set.  I cook them to a light crisp and just eat them for snacks.  The banana’s are so sweet you don’t even want syrup! 

WHAT’S FOR DINNER?  Turkey breast/ broccoli, cauliflower, carrots/ nectarine.  Snack  was pecans, strawberries and a spoonful of almond butter for when I need a sweet fix. 

9pm At work & the gang ORDERED PIZZA! I held off! Not even a sniff of the box.  I ran to the fridge and grabbed my snack. Strawberries/pecans/almond butter/ Spark.

1am Writing this post and about to go grab dinner. Turkey and veggies and a handful of coaco covered almonds. 

So this week has been a little all over the place on nutrition and on WODs. I have  the weekend off so I should be able to dial it in.  Hopefully I’ll get to spend some time just relaxing and planning the week ahead.