BE ACTIVE…. GET MOVING…. It’s good for you!


Tanya Wagner of CrossFit Apex- 2009 CF Games Champion

Need a reason to get moving sometimes?  Recently I sure did. I am finally recovered from a full day of 4 WODs Saturday Feb 6th up in Dallas.  One of my CrossFitting goals was to do a competition other than the official CF Games/Sectionals in March.  The first opportunity was at an affiliate in Houston in early December.  I wanted to test myself against other crossfitters outside my box but something held me back from registering.  WHAT?  Self doubt I think.  It had been an emotional few months and I had lost focus of what was important.   I can remember the day I finally signed up.  I had just had a great girl chat with a good friend at our CFTX   Nutrition Seminar and she helped me realize how I needed to take care of myself and find that strength again. I geared up to attend and was ready for the test but Mommy duty took priority and I missed the event.  

I was determined to hit some kind of challenge before March… now the question was WHERE?  I actually contemplated the Garage Games… uhg that involved some major travel which meant being away from my little girl.  That is just not worth it.  AH-HA …. I found it.  Facebook has revealed some interesting things to me this past year and it didn’t let me down with this challenge.  A friend in Dallas/McKinney was being convinced to sign up for her CF box’s competition.  PERFECT! 3 hrs away, one day event and I’ll know someone! YEAH. CrossFit FxTx was hosting their first competition on Feb. 6th.  I again asked around the box, but no takers.  Well I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity.  

CrossFit is all about training for the “Unknowable” and true to form they didn’t release the WODs until the night before the competition.  Two days before the host affiliate sent a mass email out…. THERE WILL BE A SWIM, bring your suits. “AHHHHHHHH”  is all I could think about.  The last time I swam was in the Jack’s Generic Tri (my first ever) in August and I thought I was going to drown! Open water swim in mud is NO fun! (Pete, I still need to get you back for telling me the swim was a “no big deal!”   Ok, so I had to not only prepare for 4 WODs in one day, but one of those was going to be a swim.  I was not going to make it to the packet pick up the night before so I was eagerly waiting for Judy to pick up her packet and email me the WODs.  

Friday Feb.5th:  

 FULL day! Teaching a class at the hospital for ICU nurses, rushed home to spend a few hrs with my daughter, dinner, take MK to her daddy’s then off I go.  CROSSFIT FXTX Unleashed Games or BUST! On the road and the blackberry buzzes with a new email.  Judy had sent me the list of WODs and regulations for the day.  SPLIT SNATCH… ??what??  Well, never done that before, guess I have 3 hours in the car to mentally practice that lift.  Snatch 1 RM, no problem. Split – one of my favorites! My texts start flying back to Pflugerville to Mary and Brannon… “need tips”… thanks Richard Komm for forwarding and relaying the info for me!  Then I review the other wods… “40m Kettlebell pull with movement 55lbs”  huh???  Swim – well hopefully I won’t drown. Chipper WOD, cool! 

 I rolled into the McKinney Holiday Inn at midnight, packed my bag for the next day, reviewed the WODs, wakeup call set, Advocare Nighttime Recovery taken and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. 

Saturday Feb 6th

 GAME DAY! 5am wake up call – whew that was a short night! Off to find some groceries for the day.  NEED-FOOD!  Only a grocery store right next to a CF box on “game day” would be out of hard-boiled eggs… grrrr.  My friend and Coach Mary was a huge help in setting me up with my nutrition plan and timing.  I pulled out the list of foods and hit the outskirts of the store.  Today was about quick recovery and that meant grabbing some fruit and easy protein.  Now I just need to synch the nutrition with the supplements and rely on the training I’ve done.  

7am: Registration and weight in.  Now that I know the WODs you would think I would relax. NOPE.  I hadn’t been dialed in on my nutrition these last few weeks and have missed some training.  I wasn’t sure how I would perform. 

8am:  3-2-1- Go. 

WOD #1 SPLIT SNATCH 1-1-1.  RULES: identify starting weight to judges panel.  upon stepping onto the platform you had 30 sec to complete the lift.  Catch the snatch locked-out arms in a split stance. Maintain bar overhead until cleared by judges. May not drop bar from above knees or called a no lift.  

Split Snatch 1st attempt: 95#- good, 2nd attempt: 105 – failed w/a no lock out, 3rd attempt 105# SOLID! 

I was in 1st place after this first WOD. Ranking based on percentage of weight lifted per body weight.  I was 80.8% lifted per my bodyweight! YEAH. I’m happy! 


WOD #2: 4 rounds. 10 OHS (95#men,65# women), 40m kettlebell pull(70#men,55#women) w/movement, 10 manmakers (30#men,20#women).  


Ok, so if you have never done this KB movement I challenge you to do it! HOLY CRAP!  Strict rules to the placement and ooohhh yeah you have to redo the wrong ones.  I don’t train with kettlebells and I definitely haven’t ever done this move before!  I’m tired just thinking about how to describe this…. ok if you really want to know – come see me at CrossFit Texas and I’ll show you!  Manmakers are just rough! After the OHS and the brutal beating from the KB’s the squat cleans and thrusters in the manmakers took you to your knees! This WOD was set to have a 10 min cap per game rules.  I was in the 1st heat, after about 8 min into the WOD Ihear the host yell, “up it to a 18min cap”.  Really? I think to myself.  I had gamed my plan at “go” and now it’s all jacked up….. then at about 15min I hear “new cap at 25min”. WHAT – SERIOUSLY- YOU ARE KIDDING ME! Plus a few not so nice words.  They were realizing that this was taking longer than expected and no one was finishing.  

Judy and I after 2nd WOD

After I realized I hadn’t died and that I still had two more WODs to go I had to shove some kind of protein in to get me through the next two WODs along with my Advocare supplements.   The next 2 hours went fast and then we all headed over to the swim center for the 3rd workout of the day. 

In 3rd place after the 2nd WOD

2pm:  250m SWIM for time!!!   

Thank goodness only competitors and judges were allowed in the pool area.. NO PICTURES!!! HaHaHa.  Well, after the 2nd WOD I was actually not as scared about drowning.  It was 10 laps and it was all about FINISHING! Again, 1st heat so cap-check, goggles-check, nerves- HELL YEAH!  Let’s just say, I finished. Time= 6:25. Yes, you may swim faster and better and I’m REALLY OKAY WITH THAT! 🙂 

4pm FINAL WOD: Chipper 30’s

30 walking lunges w/35# KB overhead (knee to ground), 30 KTE, 30 single arm 35# KB snatch, 30 pullups, 30 box jumps (heels completely on box!), 30 20# DB squat cleans, 30 ring push ups, 30 deadlifts 115#, 30 GHD situps, 30 GHD back extensions

I was ready for this one! I like pushing through these chipper WODs, now lets see how I do after already hitting 3 WODs.  Roger my judge was already firing me up before “GO”.  I sailed through the lunges, headed up to the KTE – didn’t realize I was doing toes to bar until after the WOD when someone pointed it out… Grrrr probably wasted time here.  Snatches – all grit here.  It was all about getting to 30 and moving on.  I just wanted to get to the Deadlifts, I knew I could blow through those and hit the GHD hard.  UHG DB squat cleans slowed me down a bit due to fatigue and I lost a little focus.  I was trying to push through every rest and only take one breath.  FINALLY deadlifts.  115# no problem… I was determined to finish the set of 30 unbroken.  14 reps done …NOOOOOOOOOO…. the bar slide out of my left hand.  Quick reset and 16 reps DONE! Sprint to the GHD and game the hell out of this! It was 30 and 30.  Arms extended straight overhead ….. DIG DEEP – GET it DONE – YOU GOT MORE…. I just kept repeating in my head.  TIME= 25:48

Whewwwwwwww.  Competing in the CF Regional competition and the CF Games affiliate Cup last year were all events that I will never forget.  But this competition was different, I went into it with more experience and a different purpose.  This day was an all out how much can you handle and how fast can you do it.   Could I have trained harder and dialed in my nutrition better to have a better performance, probably. All hind sight 20/20 but at the end of the day I had to stand proud that I did indeed accomplish my goal — I showed up and gave it my all and walked away w/4th place.

 After taking a few days off after that hairy saturday competition I needed a reason to get off the couch.  I literally asked  for one. ” TELL me something really mean” I said, yeah that’s healthy… I know.  After getting a positive response of “it’s a BEAUTIFUL day outside.. go enjoy it”, how could I just sit on my sore a*s?  So after taking much longer than it should have, I threw on the running shoes and off I went.  It was good to get outside, I hadn’t run more than the 400-800m that was programmed in my WODs for a long time.  I headed out with no goal in mind, no distance in mind, no time in mind.  JUST RUN!  The only expectation I had for myself was to POSE run as much as I could.  WOW, I need some more time w/our Endurance Coaches!!! So the run ended up being somewhere between 2-3 miles, just needed to get up and MOVE!  

Running without music allows me to focus on my technique and I can spend that time sorting out all the junk in my head.  I realized that I needed to keep working and harder.  Just because I did “ok” on Saturday doesn’t mean I can let up now.  I can’t just sit on the couch because I’m sore and tired and do nothing and expect the results I want.  Results are products of actions! 

I encourage you to BE ACTIVE… GET MOVING …. because it’s good for you!

 *even if you are doing a strange rotator cuff row upside down… haha*