Training my weaknesses.

 Sunday, October 4, 2009 at 9:39pm | Edit Note | Delete
Today I started just that. I am training my physical and mental weaknesses.
So Step 1: Determine which things fall into those categories. PHYSICAL: running MENTAL: Realizing that no matter how hard I try, I can NOT change people. They are who they are.

Step 2: ACTION PLAN. Running:
FIND MOTIVATION: So as I jumped into my car to run up to the mall to get this great lil makeup brush (ya I KNOW so lame) I saw my neighborhood was buzzin with the residents walking, running, pushing strollers….so I stopped my car— and sat there for a min. “WHAT AM I DOING??? GET YOUR BUTT ON THE ROAD SHANNON”. I turned back home, ran inside and did a quick change into my running shoes. Then I said this is it… DAY 1!!! PLAN INTO ACTION: Grabbed my PVC pipe and jump rope. Warmed up with 10 rounds of basic Oly lifts w/the PVC and some double unders….. and yes I got some strange looks as I stood in my drive way! But I was warm and ready!

3-2-1- GO~! I didn’t care how far I ran, I just didn’t want to die… I haven’t run much in the last year so this is a HUGE weakness. –coughing, breathing crazy and all I could do was think POSE POSE POSE— then it was “Oh S*** I don’t really know HOW to POSE run…HOWARD WHERE ARE YOU?”…check my watch- min 6…UUHHGGG, turn around is looming. Min 10…huh 1st time I’m NOT thinking about how bad this is…my mind shifts to “what else can I train>>>>” Min 12, this feels pretty good….huh maybe I’ll go a bit longer… YEAH RIGHT”… BIG HILL…uhg… POSE POSE- fall-fall-fall…and HOME min 15. DONE! TIME!

So as I sit here and think back to what motivates us….today it was the residents of my neighborhood! YEAP you guys are awesome! THANKS for the kick in the pants!

Mental weakness: hmmmmm Realizing that I can’t change people…THIS IS HARDER THAN RUNNING….stay tuned.

Warm Up- take each CrossFit Element and perform 10x 2rounds.
Overhead squat- warming up>>>>looks like I need some work in that lumbar curve area… onto another weakness…1st pull…uhg

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