Pukie made a visit to my WOD one day…

What does my Friday mean? It’s back to another WOD, another 2 days before my next rest day. Fresh muscles, any soreness hopefully gone, and ready to hit it hard. 

0715 worked all night in the ICU- leaving the hospital and headed to CFTX

0800 Home to feed my Chocolate Lab Hunter, quick change and rummage for some protein and an Advocare Spark drink

0900 Coach at CFTX. Another day with an awesome group! Welcome to the newest faces Amber, Tammy and Anthony.

1030 race home to get some sleep before my doodlebug Mekenzie comes home @ 1pm. 

6pm back to CFTX – lots of new faces so my WOD is postponed a little. Brannon and I get Elements and the CF classes rolling. 

7pm Brannon and I throw some weight on the bars and do a quick review of the WOD… “yeap, got it. Ok . WAIT, I’m not ready, too bad 3-2-1- GO!”  hehehe.

WOD: OHS 10 rnds of 10 reps

Rnds 1-5 Challenging – Rnds 6-8 TOUGH – Rnds 9 & 10 barely making it!

I knew I had to pick just the right weight to start with. My shoulder usually gets angry at me after a heavy OHS day but I had recovered from the last max so- load it up.  I started with 95lbs. with the idea I would add weight somewhere in the 6-8th rounds.  The plan was a 3010 tempo: 3 sec down, no rest and 1 sec to raise and no rest between reps. We started out staggering our lifts so we could coach the other. Great fun to coach when you are still recovery from your own lifts 🙂  Overhead squats are one of my favorite lifts to tackle.  Something about heavy weight over head that just makes ya’ feel strong!

So 10 reps of 95# unbroken, no problem, slow and stready is the way to go.  I was able to remain unbroken through round 6. During my rest, I went to grab more weight and whoooooooooooooosh— hmmmm what was that I thought. I had the feeling Pukie was knocking at my door. WHAT? I wasn’t running Murph or Eva or pushing thru Cindy…. WHY did I feel the need to race to the trash can and make it an offical PUKIE station.  So round 7 I decided to stick with 95#.  Bar UP – and my minds sets up the lift…. shoulders engaged (check), pull bar apart (check) … remember what Sage B. said on her blog…. and the info was swarming around in my head, feet set, deep breath…GO.  I don’t even remember if I dropped the bar in this round… what I DO remember is finishing the 10th rep and ditching the bar as my dinner from 2 1/2 hrs ago suddenly wanted to make an appearance. So out the door I go… yeah I’m gonna leave it at that.  My other nurse pals could probably stomach the details, but why go there when not at work. HAHAHA.  Well, as I walk back in Brannon was done w/his round — ahhh that meant it was my turn again.  That wasn’t the kind of “active rest” I’m wanting to train!   Bar up and 3-2-1-GO.  I just had to get thru 3 more rounds.  Round 8 DONE – sprint outside – Hi Pukie (again)…. sprint inside…. Rnd 9 – broken UHHH , Rnd 10 DONE.

So doing Overhead Squats at ANY weight with a sudden onset of food poisoning has a HUGE SUCK FACTOR! But I was NOT about to get a DNF on this WOD.